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ARS PROGRAMMATICA is a solution partner created by professionals who aim to help brands and agencies get the most out of programmatic media transactions.

We offer transparent and brand safe media buying, third-party adtech integrations, analytics and monetization services through the utilization of programmatic advertising technologies.

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The story behind our name

In ancient Roman society, poetry was considered more than just pretty words on paper. Poetry was a powerful medium for influencing opinion. Poets would often write about political issues, condemning new government policies, and sometimes being exiled as a result. At other times they would praise the character and work of the emperor or other powerful men. They could earn financial reward for creating this kind of propaganda for the powerful. Thus, we could call the poets of ancient Rome marketers.

Horace was one of the most popular and celebrated poets of the first century. He was a prolific writer and composed poems about love, philosophy, ethics, and society. However, his most famous work is probably the Ars Poetica, a poem that explains to young writers exactly how to write compelling verse. It also talks about the mission of poetry and how to use verse to promote certain ideas, and make a reasonable living.

Horace’s work inspired the name of our consultancy, as just as the Ars Poetica was designed to help the aspiring marketers of the Roman world, Ars Programmatica is aimed at helping today’s online marketers. We are here to help advertisers navigate the current data driven marketing economy and make the most of programmatic media buying channels to personalize marketing activity and ensure that the right type of content is served up to the right user at the right time.

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